The Spark of the Golden Age

If ever a “golden age” of Transformers comics should be defined, then issue 29 should be considered its first light. Transformers 29-30 feature the comic's first UK-original strip story since the title's ascension to its new, streamlined weekly full-colour format. Of course you could consider issue 27 (the first weekly, full-colour issue) as the dawn … Continue reading The Spark of the Golden Age

And There Shall Come… An Annual

Annuals have always been a hugely significant part of my reading life. I grew up in Germany, where at the time, comics as we know them in the UK and US were pretty much non-existent. I read beautiful hardcover comic "albums" such as Asterix, Tintin, and the Smurfs. They were mostly in French or German, but the language of … Continue reading And There Shall Come… An Annual

A Strange New World of Adventure

When Marvel US's Transformers 4-issue limited series exceeded all expectations it was relaunched in 1985 as a regular series. Which was good news on two counts: 1, more new Transformers stories every month and 2, since Transformers here in the UK was a fortnightly publication it meant that Marvel UK had to create 22 pages of its … Continue reading A Strange New World of Adventure

There’s Something About Marvel

Saturday morning. Early. I mean really early. A shaft of sunlight hits my face but I'm already wide awake. I'm waiting for that unmistakable tink-thud of the letterbox. When it finally comes, I sneak out into the hallway and hurriedly snatch the brown paper bag before returning to my bedroom without waking anyone. Nimbly I open the … Continue reading There’s Something About Marvel