The Doctor Who

If you were to ask me who was the true hero of the Marvel Transformers comics and who was Megatron’s actual archenemy, you might be surprised at my answer. My answer wouldn’t be Optimus Prime, it would be Ratchet. Ratchet was the doctor who defeated Megatron on more than one occasion, after all! “Warrior School” and “Repeat Performance”, reprinted in Transformers 26-28, are a showcase … Continue reading The Doctor Who

The Clash of Two Evils

It can be all too easy to dismiss Bob Budiansky’s contributions to the Transformers mythos, but I will always remember his work fondly. The first story of Bob’s that I ever read was “The Smelting Pool” in the summer of 1986. The pure horror of the Decepticon-controlled Cybertron he described haunted me for months. But I never got a chance to read his very early Transformers … Continue reading The Clash of Two Evils

Readers of the Lost Arc

Simon Furman has written many of my all-time favourite Transformers stories; stories that I return to again and again for the warmth of nostalgia and the shiver of adventure. His vast body of work is often a pleasure to revisit and it’s been an activity that, even after 32 years, I’ve strangely never become bored of. It’s a surreal experience to go right back to Simon’s first stories, “The … Continue reading Readers of the Lost Arc

In the Land of Two Suns

There’s a lesson to be learned when writing in the Transformers Universe: the toys you play with aren’t necessarily yours to keep. Kup is one such example. In some IDW stories he’s one guy, and in others, he’s another. It all depends on who’s writing him. Whichever one you prefer is up to you. I kinda like the guy seen in those two Wreckers mini-series. … Continue reading In the Land of Two Suns

A Strange New World of Adventure

When Marvel US’s Transformers 4-issue limited series exceeded all expectations it was relaunched in 1985 as a regular series. Which was good news on two counts: 1, more new Transformers stories every month and 2, since Transformers here in the UK was a fortnightly publication it meant that Marvel UK had to create 22 pages of its own material to fill in the gaps. So a big … Continue reading A Strange New World of Adventure

Launch Issues

Before Tuesday, 8th of May 1984 there was nothing. And then, with one almighty marketing department thunderclap, Transformers (US) issue 1 came into existence! It was the very first Transformers-branded product ever released. It was the Big Bang of the Transformers Universe. A Marvellous Voyage, Part 1 – Launch Issues Transformers 1-8 In 1983, a comic book publisher called Marvel was tasked by toy-makers, Hasbro, … Continue reading Launch Issues

There’s Something About Marvel

Saturday morning. Early. I mean really early. A shaft of sunlight hits my face but I’m already wide awake. I’m waiting for that unmistakable tink-thud of the letterbox. When it finally comes, I sneak out into the hallway and hurriedly snatch the brown paper bag before returning to my bedroom without waking anyone. Nimbly I open the bag, teasing out the mint-new, heaven-scented comic. It’s here at … Continue reading There’s Something About Marvel

Mint In Schrödinger’s Box

Of all of our planet’s fast-dwindling and valuable resources, a MISB or MOSC Transformers toy is surely the most precious. I mean, what kind of monster would buy a sealed Transformer and proceed to open it, enjoy it and, sometimes, recycle the packaging? Me. I would. With reckless abandon. If you collect MISB toys, please stop reading. Distressing images follow.   Let’s call a toy a toy; I … Continue reading Mint In Schrödinger’s Box